Descrição /
Santa Justa ao
Carmo, 2014

Nome do Artista /
Artist Name:

Localização /
Rua do Carmo
Edifício Leonel, LISBOA

Dimensões /
Physical Format:
w4m x h3m

Materiais / Type:
SPRAY E Tinta plástica
(plastic paint)
You are witnessing the first live artistic intervention on canvas ever carried out in one of the most emblematic areas of the city (Rua do Carmo, 69, no Chiado). Street artist João Samina is an architect with an artistic style very focused on abstract geometric elements coexisting in a very particular way with material elements. In this specific case the artist was materially focused on the Santa Justa lift mainly due to its historical (and touristic) importance within the scope of the area chosen. This historical building, totally recovered after the 1988 fire in Chiado under a rehabilitation project by the prestigious architect Álvaro Siza Vieira, just opened the doors of to the Design Chiado Flats condominium, where the first floors have a front view to the said Santa Justa lift whilst the higher floors have a totally open view to this historical area of the city.
The ARTworx project, promoted by Worx Real Estate Consultants in partnership with Galeria de Arte Urbana and Design Chiado Flats embraces the concept that the typical advertising canvasses, commonly used in the real estate market, have the potential to be used as a form of urban art thus contributing to making the city an open air museum.